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Stamp for Boy

Stamp for Boy

Dhs. 65.00

This product includes a wooden handle, Personalised silicon name, Ink pad.

How to order:

1. choose the font from the picture below and find the name of font under the font drop down in right side 

2. Choose the icon you would like to have next to your name and find the name of that icon under the drop down of Icon

3. Type your name under special instruction for seller. The name should not be more than 10 characters


We will make the stamp as per you order with the font you chose and Icon you add with the same spelling as you wrote your name and ship it to you right after is ready. 

The ink pad colour is not confirm and it's randomly chosen. If you would like to have specific ink pad or more colours to stamp, click here and add another ink to our basket.

Stamp size: 40x17mm

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